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Day 40 (9 August 2010) – The Bus Relay

No, this isn’t an idea for a new Olympic sport, although if it was one I think France would do really well. It’s about the relay bus we use while the tram line in our neighborhood gets an update. I’ve mentioned in passing a couple of times how fabulous the tram system is in Nantes. As it turns out, it’s considered one of the best in France. It even has its own English language Wikipedia page!

Ligne Deux (Line 2) is the one that services our neighborhood. Once updated, it will pick us up a couple of blocks from our house and take us all the way into the center of town. It also will take Ella directly to her school, what will make for her about a 10-15 minute trip from our front door to school. Given she’ll likely come home for lunch, she’ll ride it 4 times each day (2 round trips).

Anyway, while the update is taking place the city has several buses acting as “relays,” moving people from one of the stops the tram can’t currently reach to the tram itself. I took this picture of the sign where Melinda and I caught the relay today. We rode the relay to tram #2, then took the #2 to town where we caught tram #1 to the large shopping center on the edge of town, far from our house. All totaled, it was about 45 minutes from leaving our house to arriving at the shopping center. It’s an interesting ride, too, and then no parking hassles! My kind of thing.

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