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Day 52 (21 August 2010) – Puget What?

I was walking around in what is called Centre Ville in Nantes, what I translate as “downtown.” I wasn’t heading anywhere special, just exploring, and a name caught my eye. I went to investigate and took this picture.

Apparently, this is the office of Peter Puget, a realtor in Nantes. I was tempted to go in and talk about my connection to the name, but passed. I figured that it’s pronounced very different here, more like Pew-shay than how it’s said back in Seattle, which brings up an interesting thing. Over the 16 years of Puget Sound Community School there have been countless instances in which people in other parts of the United States have, shall we say, demonstrated creative ways of pronouncing the word “Puget.” Perhaps upon our return to Seattle we should adopt the French pronunciation? Ah, maybe not.

If this post doesn’t seem terribly interesting, I apologize. I’m finding that I’m starting to think in a kind of morphed English-French language (Franglais?) so things like this catch my attention. I think it’s happening to Melinda and the girls, too. I find it both exciting and disconcerting, as it’s making my thought process a little muddled. And no, it’s not the Bordeaux…

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