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My family's year in France…

Day 63 (1 September 2010) – Appreciating the Moments

I went on this very long walk by myself this afternoon. I started at home and walked to the big grocery store at the end of our local tram line, stopping along the way to do some reading and thought-gathering. I picked up a few things at the store and then decided to walk back a different route, one I hadn’t tried before. I got a little bit lost but never to the point of not knowing which direction I needed to go. The walk provided me one of those moments (and a long one at that) I’ve written about before, how not having several unfinished projects waiting for me has allowed me to slow down and be mindful. A good lesson for when I again have several projects needing my attention.

During the walk back, the part when I wasn’t quite sure where I was, I encountered a dirt trail and decided to take it to see where it came out. Along the trail I found this overgrown apple tree with dozens of rotting apples on the ground around it. Given that, I decided it would be acceptable for me to pluck a couple of ripe ones from the tree itself and did so. I then continued along the path, now accompanied by the pleasant crunch of biting into a fresh apple. Needless to say, it was an ideal moment.

In other news of the day, Ella & Melinda had tea with a classmate of Ella’s named Aude and her mother, the two having been invited to their house. This was a great thing because now Ella is familiar with a girl her age in her school. Melinda and Ella reported that Aude and family are extremely nice and that they have even put in a request at school for Aude and Ella to be in the same class. Chloe had her first paid babysitting job and has one lined up with same girl for each of the next two Wednesdays. And I had a Skype conversation with a representative from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the likely result of which will be me doing some partnership work with them.

Oh, this morning I watched the pilot episode of “Get Smart.” The episode began with Max getting a phone call in the middle of a live theatre performance. It made me laugh out loud, given how common it is for people to get personal phone calls in public places these days. But the episode is from 1965 and the call was on his shoe phone…

And, no, I’m not embarrassed. Really.

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  1. Pilot of “Get Smart”! Cool!

    Comment by P.Hill | September 2, 2010 | Reply

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