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Day 78 (16 September 2010) – Gabba Gabba Hey!

After teasing you for two days, I now present my promised post related to the Ramones.

Meet Maxime, age 14. Max is the eldest child of Christine & Bernard (famous French kitchen remodelers), sibling to Théo, Celeste (the Little Mermaid) and Claire. On Tuesday around noon, on our way home from our important meeting at OFII and with our chest x-rays in hand, Melinda and I encountered Max who was heading home for lunch. But we not only encountered Max, we encountered Max’s shirt, which elicited multiple responses from me, including a request for this photo. Max gracefully complied.

We walked down the street together, me extolling the virtues of the Ramones, including that this was my band of choice while on my way to my high school graduation (I didn’t mention that the year was 1981, that I was with Marc Burns, all 6′ 5″ of him, in his Karmann Ghia listening to the Ramones on an 8-track tape, and that I was wearing a camouflage jumpsuit and red shoes – another story, another time). I told him that my brother Steve had an original Ramones T-shirt from the 70’s and that I’m sure that Steve would appreciate seeing a photo of Max in his shirt. I also offered to make Max a mixed CD, which I immediately went home and did. I mean, you meet a 14 year-old French boy on the streets of Nantes, France wearing a Ramones T-shirt while you are carrying chest x-rays of you & your wife, what are you going to do? Me, I make him a mixed CD, of course.

Speaking of the CD, it included Marilyn Manson covering the Ramones, a song called “The KKK Took My Baby Away.” Want to know how hip Christine is? In reviewing the CD tracks with Max and me she said, “Remember how eloquent Marilyn Manson was in the movie Bowling for Columbine?”

Now that’s a mom.

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