French Sabbatical

My family's year in France…

Day 95 (3 October 2010) – Sunday Shopping

I mentioned before that stores are closed on Sundays here in Nantes. This necessitated a change in Melinda’s and my grocery shopping routine as we would typically do the bulk of our shopping in Seattle on Sundays. Truth be told, though, so many of our routines have been altered that this one hasn’t been that big. It’s just an adjustment to not be able to shop on Sundays.

But to our surprise, we learned that a unique grocery store is open for a few hours on Sunday. Why this store gets special Sunday dispensation, I don’t know. Anyway, the name of the store is Picard (yes, Star Trek fans, like Jean-Luc). What makes it unique is that all the food sold here is frozen. It’s just aisle after aisle of frozen food. Really good stuff, too, and some quite unlike you find elsewhere. Tonight, after returning from seeing the movie “Inception” with Laurent, Frédérique, Manon and Chloe, Melinda and I each had a Bento Box that we purchased at Picard this morning. It was quite good – salmon, rice & edamame (speaking of edamame, we’ve been searching for it in the local grocery stores without luck…).

I took today’s photo of Melinda inside Picard as she considered the relative merits of some desserts. Apparently, they all had merit but we came home with a flour-less chocolate cake with caramel filling.

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