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Day 100 (8 October 2010) – 100 Days Deserves Something Special!

I brought this up at dinner the other night, suggesting that we have some sort of special celebration today since it’s Day 100 of the sabbatical. I thought we should do something metric, but couldn’t really figure out what that might mean. Initially, everyone was pretty excited by the idea of doing something special, until they all realized that we actually haven’t spent 100 days in France (yet). That’s coming up in 5 days. So perhaps I’ll have figured out what it means to do something metric by next Wednesday.

Still, for me, Day 100 is significant so I celebrated by insisting Chloe let me take a picture of her and post it to the blog. This involved me meeting her at the university at 1pm, taking her by tram to the center of town, taking her out to lunch at a reasonably nice restaurant, and then going to a very special candy store (where I took this picture). Oh, the price I pay to get one photo! Imagine. I had to spend several hours alone with Chloe (Melinda was visiting a new friend, a mom of one of Ella’s school friends, and Ella was at school). We had to actually talk to each other, laugh at each other’s silly statements, and talk about kids. You see, Chloe and I have this thing where we like to point out cute kids to each other and talk about them. And pretty much every little kid in France is cute. I mean you should hear them talk. They speak FRENCH! Here’s an example.

On top of having to spend time with Chloe, I (and the rest of Nantes) had to put up with a nearly 80 degree day today. What a crazy turn-around in the weather. It was like a reminder of summer. A nice way to celebrate.

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