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Day 108 (16 October 2010) – The Water Taxi at Port Boyer

I just got back from a solo afternoon excursion. I walked, took a bus, Line 1 of the tram, the water taxi, and tram Line 2. I was gone for about 3 hours. I wanted to head in a direction I hadn’t gone recently, so took Bus #72 across the river, exiting at Beaujoire (which, incidentally, is where the soccer stadium is). From there I hopped on Line 1 which begins its run toward the center of town at that stop. As I got off the bus, there was the tram, like it was waiting just for me. I got off Line 1 at Haluchère and then walked to a nearby mall. Inside, I sat at an open area café and had a drink while reading the book I chose for one of my online kindness classes. Then I walked to the LiDL grocery store and did some shopping, filling up my backpack. From there I walked to Port Boyer and grabbed the water taxi. It, too, seemed to be waiting for me. Across the river, I walked to Morrhonnière/Petit Port, a stop along Line 2. As I arrived the tram was pulling in. I rode the tram to our stop, then walked back home. Obviously, my timing is right on today.

I took today’s photo while aboard the water taxi as it crossed the Erdre. Riding this little boat gives me such a sense of satisfaction, one I can’t really explain. It has something to do with there being a boat and captain just waiting for foot passengers wanting to get across the river. I wish Seattle had something like it across Lake Washington to Kirkland.

In a couple of hours we are all meeting the Boudeaus for dinner. Frédérique suggested couscous. I think it’s a great suggestion (no R’s and no L’s!!).

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