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Day 123 (31 October 2010) – Halloween in Nantes

First, let me just say that we are back home in Nantes, having arrived just over an hour ago. And what an odd feeling it is, to have been in Paris just a couple of hours ago and now be “home.” No multi-hour flights, no having to go through customs, and no jet lag. We’re home and we are all content.

Shortly after getting home, I spotted this little boy across the street trick or treating with his mom. Having heard that it was unlikely we’d have any trick or treaters, I dashed across the street to invite them to come over to our house. So picture this. You’re a French kid dressed up for Halloween and a crazy American comes up to you and invites you to come ring his doorbell. What would you do?

I tried to explain that in the U.S. the kids ring the doorbell and then say, “Trick or treat.” This boy was having none of that. Not only do I think he couldn’t understand a word I was saying, I think he was having a hard time breathing under his mask. He still went away with 2 packs of Skittles, Halloween candy we stashed away just in case someone showed up.

UPDATE – We just had three more trick or treaters ring our bell. Still no “Trick or treat” but they did greet us with a “Bon soir.” And let me just say these were no little kids. They reminded me of some of those old PSCS teens who liked to show up at our house on Halloween…

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