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Day 133 (10 November 2010) – Am I a Mad Man?

Probably not. While I’ve got the hat, I don’t have the chiseled and dark features of a Don Draper (or whatever his name is). Would he sip a purple cocktail? I think not. How does he wear his scarf? Outside of his fancy coat, I believe. Mine is tied and under my coat.

Additionally, I’m not the least bit angry. In fact, I’m quite pleased with things. It’s been a fine day. Mostly sunny, albeit chilly. Still, I walked with my parents to the library and back. And my dad and I spent another afternoon at the racetrack. We had free admission courtesy of our new friends at Le Petit Jockey, my dad was given a PMU hat as a souvenir to show off back home, and we were winners on our lone bet. As I later told Melinda, my dad and I used “sound handicapping principles” to pick the winner (and I’m not being sarcastic!). We looked for a bet-down horse with recent form near today’s level. Our 2€ returned 9,40€.

On top of all that, we’re about to have one of my favorite dinners, lentil & sausage soup. And then we’re going to watch an episode of the TV show “Mad Men” (the inspiration for this post, if you didn’t know). Tomorrow is a holiday so we’re sleeping in.

No, I’m not mad at all.

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