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Day 135 (12 November 2010) – Beer Snobs

So my dad and I accompanied Melinda, Ella and my mom on a trip to a large mall in Nantes that I’ve nicknamed “Bellevue Square.” Why?


WHY do I call it “Bellevue Square” or WHY did we accompany them? Both are reasonable questions, although I’m STILL trying to answer the latter. As such, I’ll focus on the former. I call it “Bellevue Square” because of the “upscaleness” of it, just like the huge mall near Seattle with that name. Also, it’s large and new and just has a Bel-Square feel to it, not that I’m all that familiar with the feel of upscale malls.

Obviously, though, this has nothing to do with the title of this post nor the photo, although both of these things have something to do with the latter question. Confused? Me, too.

Anyway, Melinda, Ella, and my mom went clothes shopping today in a large mall in Nantes and my dad and I went with them. Wisely, he and I found a place in the mall that serves beer so we sat down. We ordered two glasses of 1664 (see glass). And, Senator, 1664 is no Pelforth Brune, let me just say. On top of that, the two beers cost 5,40€, highway robbery.

I hope it’s all clear to you now.

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  1. Kronenbourg? Pretty sure that was one of the beers I could afford in London pubs…not a good sign.

    Comment by Jessica | November 16, 2010 | Reply

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