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Day 160 (7 December 2010) – The Short & Windy Road…

…that leads to the mall! And by windy, I mean WINDY (apologies to the Beatles purists). This is Stephanie crossing a bridge to get to Beaulieu, also referred by me as Bellevue Square due to its upscaledness. She and I were crossing this bridge to get to the mall because we overshot our stop by one. Melinda decided to wait for the bus to take her back in the other direction, but Stephanie and I decided to walk. For some crazy reason, she wanted a photo on the bridge. We stopped halfway across and she handed me her camera just as the wind picked up and turned her umbrella inside-out.

You may be wondering why we would venture out on such a blustery day. And if you know where we live in relationship to Beaulieu (Line 2 to Line 1 to Line 4), you may wonder even more. But just after lunch today Stephanie said, “Let’s go on an adventure!” So that’s what we did. Just think what an adventure she would have had if she had been blown off the bridge!

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