French Sabbatical

My family's year in France…

Day 161 (8 December 2010) – Chloe!

I hereby dedicate today’s post to Chloe! She took a 4 hour final at the University of Nantes today, the first time in her life that she has taken a test of this sort. We chatted about it beforehand. If you know anything about me, you’ll know something about PSCS and you’ll know that I don’t think tests of this sort are terribly useful or important (which goes a long way in explaining why Chloe had never taken one prior to today). I told her that she knows what she knows, regardless of any score, good or bad, she gets on the test. We are very proud of her for her work effort and her consistency, character traits not being measured today.

Pictured with Chloe is her friend Hillary, a classmate. Hillary and Tina, Chloe’s other good friend from the fall, are both leaving after this semester so the goodbyes are starting. I think something celebratory is being planned for Friday night and my hunch is it doesn’t involve timed tests, teachers patrolling the aisles, and being required to sit at least three feet away from your closest neighbor.

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