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My family's year in France…

Day 162 (9 December 2010) – Not Funny / Funny

Something not funny that happened today:
Just out the door at 7:45 this morning on her way to her final final (a 5 minute oral presentation in French on a subject determined by random draw), Chloe slipped on the ice on our stairs and tumbled down, landing on the softest part of her anatomy, thank goodness.

Something funny about that:
Later, when describing what happened, Chloe was grasping for the word having to do with the rise of a stair and referred to it as a crack. She said, “At least I didn’t fall hard on the crack.” To which I responded, referring to the softest part of her anatomy, “I think you did land on a crack.”

Something not funny that happened today:
Ella’s rowing class went out on the river in freezing temperatures to practice. Everyone was very cold, needless to say. For the first time, Ella was the coxswain and told us her main job was to look out for ice.

Something funny about that:
Being the quick-witted, clever guy that I am I said, “Wow, I didn’t know that the Titanic was a rowboat,” followed by, “Women and children to the lifeboats!”

Okay, okay, maybe none of it was that funny. But at least I got a chuckle out of it. Today’s photo is of Chloe explaining to Stephanie how NOT to fall down the stairs.

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  1. […] A year ago today Chloe slipped down the icy stairs in front of our house in Nantes and bruised her backside. Later in the day, she was relating the experience to her cousin Stephanie, seen in this photo from a year ago, who was in the midst of her visit. […]

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