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My family's year in France…

Day 173 (20 December 2010) – Chef Extraordinaire

You are looking at tonight’s dinner. Oh, sorry. The dinner is the one on the left, the pork roast. The one on the right is Greg and we will not be dining ON him, of course. We will be dining in fine style again tonight BECAUSE of Greg. In fact, he has made dinner for us each of the nights we’ve been in Paris. Let’s see if I can remember the different main courses. They include: tonight’s pork roast (the aroma of which has wafted into the hall and up the Louis XV staircase, smelling so good I wouldn’t be surprised to see it wake old Louis XV himself and have him come knocking on the door), risotto with ham, fine steaks & green beans (for Ella’s birthday, per her request), and roast chicken. In addition to the main course each night, we typically have both side dishes and a salad, and Greg has selected some excellent wines to match the meals.

I like living this way, with my own personal chef. I have not had to think of what to make, nor had to do the grocery shopping. On Wednesday we return to Nantes and we’re bringing Greg with us. The question is whether or not we’ll let him leave again…

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