French Sabbatical

My family's year in France…

Day 178 (25 December 2010) – Christmas Day

It’s been very quiet in our neighborhood today. Well, quiet is a relative term. A group of us went for a walk around 3pm and saw very few people out. Very few cars, too, and the couple of buses and trams we saw were virtually empty. There was the family in a car that asked me for directions (to McDonalds of all things!), but they were quite quiet, even the two kids in carseats in the backseat.

On the other hand, Perrin was quite animated this morning, coming down the stairs to see what Santa had brought her. She learned that in France Santa leaves presents in your shoes which are set by the fireplace. To be safe, though, she brought along her Christmas stocking from home. Lo and behold, both her shoes and her stocking had presents in them, perhaps in deference to the 4 year-old American girl in France on Christmas morning. Santa is very wise, you know. So, yes, Perrin was animated but that’s not to say she was loud. I had the privilege of seeing her open her gifts from Santa while Chloe and Ella, and everyone else other than her parents, was still “snug in their beds.”

I’m writing at the point between dinner and dessert. We had the same incredibly delicious duck dinner that Frédérique fixed for us in November when my parents were in town. I wanted to make sure Greg got a chance to taste it. And we’re about to have the last of the apple pies Melinda made with my mom during that visit. I can smell it as it finishes in the oven. Marking our places at the dinner table tonight are these cookies, made by Chloe and personalized by Brenda.

As Christmases go, this one ain’t bad.

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