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Day 188 (4 January 2011) – Water of Life

Interestingly, I came up with several titles for today’s blog post before finally settling on “Water of Life.” I considered “Bon Voyage,” since Melinda’s parents left Nantes this morning. By the way, they left our house at a *fairly* reasonable hour, 8:15am, and traveled by train (TGV) to Paris where they are spending the night in a hotel INSIDE the Paris airport – now that’s smart! And we just read an email from them that includes a description of their room. Apparently, there is a view of the runway from their bed! I want that!! Oh, back to titles…

I considered “April Fool’s Day” with the idea that my post would be a complete joke, as well as a test to see if anyone could figure out why I called it “April Fool’s Day” today. Given I passed on this, I’ll tell you. In Europe, and I’m sure other places, the numerical representation of the date starts with the day, then the month, then the year. So I kept seeing 4/1/2011 on reader boards. To an American, that’s April 1st, right? Okay, I passed on that idea…

There was also “Lunch in Angers,” considered because Melinda and I took the train (another TGV) to the nearby town of, get this, Angers for, get this, lunch. With all of our guests having left, we decided a little treat was due the two of us. We found a cute little restaurant, La Soufflérie, and had, get this, wait for it, wait for it…, soufflés (another potential title) for lunch.

But I settled on “Water of Life,” the English translation of “Eau-de-Vie,” the digestif I had after the soufflés (while Melinda ate a caramel au beurre salé crêpe – that’s her in the background). This one is specifically eau-de-vie de poire (pear) and was served ice cold. It was delicious and hit the spot perfectly, just like so many things in France.

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  1. I am lucky enough to have a French Patissere a half mile from the house, or make that unlucky enough as I cannont resist their pasteries. Not good for my waistline — got to get out on those snowshoes and cross country skis! Downhill skiing the way I do it does not burn many calories, but I digress. The last time I was in the pastry shop, I dug into my purse to find my wallet which I soon realized was sitting on the dining room table. You won’t believe what happened! The young man behind me in line (from Minnesota) bought it for me! Our class in action. Made my day…

    Comment by linda taylor | January 4, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] on January 4 I wrote a post called “Water of Life.” In that post I mentioned several ideas I had for that day’s blog post title, finally settling […]

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