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Day 200 (16 January 2011) – Yes, That’s an X-Box

We were invited next door, along with Christine’s & Bernard’s family, for a Galette des Rois at the home of Philippe & Cécile. If you are keeping score at home, Philippe and Cécile have four children, three boys and a girl, Laura, who has been mentioned here before. We just returned, Melinda having received one of the fèves and then being presented with two others. So not only does Melinda have to host the next party, I think she’s planning on hosting at least one in Seattle. She seems to be collecting fèves.

At one point, most of the kids went upstairs to play some games. The conversation among the adults, in French, turned to how much computer and video game time parents allow. See, some things are no different, no matter where you are. Through my limited understanding, I was piecing together that Clément and Nicolas, Laura’s younger brothers, are much more interested in video games than she is. She is more interested in sending text messages. I also learned that the kids had all gone upstairs to play a new X-Box game. Having heard them playing, I went up to take a look and snapped this picture. That’s Théo on the right and Nicolas on the left engaged in a foot race involving hurdles (I knew the word for hurdles or jumps, haies, because of my serious studying at the racetrack). Although you can’t see them, Celeste, Claire, Max, Laura, Clément and Ella are all watching, as are Bernard and me. It was quite fun.

Meanwhile, back downstairs the conversation continued. I walked back in and got to talk about gun issues and PSCS, and I spoke in English. Topics that significant don’t need my abbreviated French getting in the way.

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