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Day 220 (5 February 2011) – View From the Helm

Are we ever in for a treat today, but before going further I have to tell a story related to the expression “in for a treat.” It was often used by my third grade teacher, the woman who so frightened me that I developed night terrors. Ultimately, though, I credit her for me wanting to become an educator. I wanted to make sure that what she did to me was not done to others. Anyway, her idea of “treats” had to do with something she deemed educational. My third grade idea of a treat was what you aimed to get on Halloween, something that involved sugar. As you might guess, I became wary of the expression, “Are we ever in for a treat.” I use it today with more than a little bit of sarcasm.

So the treat? Today’s photo, of course. You see, I wiggled my way up to the front of the tram, Line 2, of course, in order to watch the driver do his thing. Trying to look like I was composing a text message, what is referred to here as an SMS, on my cell phone, I snapped this photo. We are heading north at the moment I took this photo, between the two stops for the University of Nantes. That’s “École Centrale Audencia,” the stop just ahead on the right, what I’ve referred to before as Chloe’s stop. It’s just two stops from our home stop. This stop is somewhat infamous, at least if you consider it having its own Facebook page makes it infamous. You see, some of the trams stop here and then turn around to head back to town. They’re marked as such but that doesn’t mean you always notice it. So when it happens and you want to go further, it can cause some frustration.

Speaking of our home stop, it’s called “Bourgeonnière.” That’s a mouthful. I’ve starting a campaign to rename it “Petit Homme.” 10 points to anyone who can explain why.

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