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Day 242 (27 February 2011) – French in Action

“These people speak French. In this course, everybody speaks French.”

So go the first two sentences from the classic French language instruction course called “French in Action.” Two years ago at PSCS, Melinda and I offered an “Introduction to French” class using the TV show as curriculum. How funny it is now to think back and consider the idea of Melinda and me guiding a French class. I’ll give us some credit, though. We definitely knew more than the students. But just how many times can you ask, “Is this a pen or a pencil?”

Go take a peak at the start of a “French in Action” video at this YouTube link. And, yes, it’s true. The reason most people, at least most MALE people, enjoyed the program was to watch Mirielle.

So these French-speaking people in today’s photo and I safely arrived in Paris today! In fact, today’s photo was taken at the Jardin du Luxembourg which is only a short walk from our apartment. Some of our favorite “French in Action” scenes were filmed here, which is what gave me the idea for today’s post. At the park this afternoon we watched little kids on ponies, little kids on crazy zip lines, little kids on pedal cars, and lots & lots of kids of all ages doing all sorts of things. Tomorrow morning, perhaps as the start of Chloe’s birthday celebration (hey, she’ll likely still be sleeping), Melinda and I plan to jog around the park’s perimeter.

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