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Day 245 (2 March 2011) – Versailles

Chloe is taking a French History class at the University of Nantes this semester (taught entirely in French) and is finding it very interesting, so much so that she put the Palace of Versailles at the top of her list of places to see while we are in Paris this week. Melinda spent about a bazillion hours researching the most cost-effective way to honor this request. This was time well-spent because it helped us determine the best days and times to go, the best train to take, what time we should get up in the morning, what we should wear, the most appropriate foods to eat to support one’s trip to Versailles and several other things I don’t have space to mention. Frankly, and just between you and me, I think Melinda is having an affair with Rick Steves.

Marital fidelity issues aside, we had a grand time touring the castle this morning. After lunch at a restaurant on the grounds near the canal, we went for a long walk out past the canal and then onto Marie-Antoinette’s estate. We got several great photos on this walk, including this one of Chloe and Ella on a little foot bridge. I have others, including several taken at the Queen’s Hamlet. I decided to hold off using the one of Melinda and me that Chloe took at the Temple of Love. This is intended to be a family-oriented blog after all.

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  1. What me envious?? Putting budget aside, you can at least visit these places, even if just for a walk about, because you are not in France for only three weeks like we were with our twin granddaughters! I turn green almost every time I visit your blog! AND you are doing it while you are still young enough to take trains, and walk, walk, and walk!

    Comment by linda taylor | March 2, 2011 | Reply

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