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Day 256 (13 March 2011) – Back “Home”

It’s funny for us to realize that returning to our Nantes house after two weeks away feels like coming home. In fact, it is EXACTLY like coming home. But it’s odd, considering our real home is in Seattle. Yet here we are feeling so much at home in Nantes, both in the city and in our house.

For instance, it felt great to sleep in own our beds last night. Everyone knows how comfortable this is, returning to one’s own bed, what with everything about it being so familiar. It’s one of the great things about vacations, and on both sides of them. On vacation you get the wonderful newness and change of pace. And then back home you get the comfort of familiarity. Similarly, Melinda and I hopped on the tram this morning to ride into town. I got a little giddy hearing the familiar recorded voice call out the stops. Silly, I know.

What is also interesting when returning home after being away is to see the changes made. Life goes on without you, it turns out. In our case, the facelift of our neighborhood grocery store continues. The big change is the black paint and the gray posts, adding to the elegance of the new entry. We are curious to see what will be attached to those vertical studs pointing to the sky on the left side of the photo.

Hmmm… I wonder what it will be like to go home to Seattle in July. I wonder what it will be like to sleep in our Seattle beds. I wonder what changes will have been made in our absence. But I don’t want to think too much about that. There is too much living yet to do here at home in Nantes!

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