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Day 261 (18 March 2011) – Our Projects

Let’ see. There have been a lot of these, I think, and by that I mean a lot of really significant projects on which Melinda and I have collaborated over the years. I’ll start by mentioning the project known as Chloe. Unveiled in 1993, this project turned 18 recently (as you know) and will be attending Quest University in British Columbia, Canada this fall.

Soon after Chloe came the project known as Puget Sound Community School. Unveiled in 1994, PSCS is the most brilliant middle & high school on the planet, the school you wish you attended when you were a teen.

In 1996 we unveiled another of our projects, this one known as Ella. This project is extremely kind-hearted and has an affinity for fan fiction, as I mentioned yesterday, Glee, and Taylor Swift. Were these things in the project blueprints? No matter.

And in 2011 Melinda are about to unveil our latest project, No, no, she’s not pregnant! Geez. We are collaborating on expanding and hopefully monetizing all the online kindness class work I’ve done over the years. As she did with the projects mentioned above, Melinda named this new one, calling it Kind Living (with the tagline “Enhance Your Day”). Today’s photo is of her hard at work at one possible website design and template for an email that will be sent in the next day or so (sign up here to get the email). I write the content. Melinda makes it look pretty.

Was that the formula for Chloe and Ella, too?

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  1. Thanks for the URL for Quest. I have sent it to my twin granddaughters who just took the SAT’s and are interested in Colorado College which I understand also offers one course each session, something they find very appealing.

    I like the title for the new Kindness classes. Kudos to your dynamic duo!!

    Comment by linda taylor | March 20, 2011 | Reply

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