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Day 263 (20 March 2011) – Let’s Get Fired Up! Hey!

As Melinda says, “Let’s get fired up! Let’s get fired up! Let’s get fired up! Hey!!” Fired up for what? Cleaning, of course. There is nothing more fun than cleaning, right?! I just finished scrubbing the third of three toilets, taking time out to post to the blog. Moving to the office, I caught Melinda mopping the kitchen floor. Of all the things to get caught at, I bet mopping the floor is not near the top of anyone’s list.

So why this blast of domesticity? Well, tomorrow morning our landlord, Madame Fieni, is dropping by. She and her husband (and teenage daughter) are on sabbatical in California this year, but Madame Fieni is back in Nantes for a week or so. She needs to swing by the house to pick up a few things. And we thought it would be nice if the house looked presentable for her. Hmm, come to think of it, “presentable” may be an optimistic word. “Recognizable” is probably more apt. You see, we think Madame Fieni is a better housekeeper than Melinda and me. Combined. With one hand tied behind her back.

So anyway, we’ve been cleaning for several hours, well, since we got home from Manon’s volleyball tournament (they finished second). That would be for about 3 1/2 hours. That’s 7 hours of labor plus whatever time Chloe and Ella contributed before moving on to do homework. Funny, their homework became much more appealing once the cleaning supplies came out. I wonder if there is a parenting tip in there somewhere…

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