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Day 268 (25 March 2011) – Quail Eggs

I realize that I quite often post about the crazy food items I find (pig brain, which I did NOT try, being the craziest I’ve seen, at least according to me). Yesterday at the store I spotted hard-boiled quail eggs in the “exotic foods” section, part of the meat department at Leclerc. While at the store I couldn’t remember the English translation for “cailles” (quail, I now know), but decided to buy them anyway. They will be offered as part of tonight’s dinner, along with the leftovers of the week and a caprese salad I am fixing. I may add the smoked duck I bought with the quail eggs, perhaps as part of tonight’s apĂ©ritif. It is Friday, after all, so I’m thinking we should up the food experimenting a notch.

Speaking of food experimenting, near the quail eggs and smoked duck, but not technically in with the exotic foods, was rabbit. I really want to try it but the rest of the family is against it. I spotted a small cut of rabbit meat, all vacuumed sealed and ready for me. It looked kind of like a chicken breast. But I didn’t buy it. The quail eggs and smoked duck were enough for this trip. Oh, and the steak tartare, of course.

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