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My family's year in France…

Day 271 (28 March 2011) – What an English Lesson Looks Like

You may recall meeting Alice back in January. She comes over on Monday afternoons for an English lesson with Melinda and me. As you can see, we’ve progressed to the point in learning a language that involves juggling. I think I was out sick during that lesson when I was a kid, but I’m glad to say that didn’t stop us from making sure Alice didn’t miss it.

I asked her what her parents thought of our unconventional English “classes.” Last week’s involved going to a park and kicking, throwing and catching a soccer ball. Another one a couple of weeks back involved watching a short film. Today’s had to do with juggling and playing Go Fish (not at the same time, but, hey, we’ve still got more weeks ahead of us). Anyway, her parents said that she was lucky. I think that meant that juggling beats the heck out of worksheets.

Alice is a quick learner of English, as is undoubtedly obvious from this photo. She picked up juggling fast. No, wait a second. She already knows how to juggle. Today’s lesson involved her trying to teach ME, her explanation being completely in English. That makes more sense. Now I can occasionally juggle (and catch) two balls. As Alice says, “Right, left. Left, right.”

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