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My family's year in France…

Day 277 (3 April 2011) – The Champs!

We went to see Romain’s basketball team play today, a game that if they won would move them up a level into the premier division next year and secure first place in their league this year. As the headline excitedly announces, they won. Today’s photo is of the opposing team’s center after the game, dejectedly still holding the game ball. You might think that a group of young men, many of whom can dunk, would have an easy time of it against a team headed by this center. But that’s where you’d be wrong.

It was an interesting game, to say the least. Romain’s team hustled out for an early lead, only to see the opposition claw back into it. This pattern existed throughout the game, but the final was clearly one-sided, 80-61. Of interest to basketball purists, the referees, one especially, wanted to make sure their presence was known. They whistled fouls to the point of three players on Romain’s team fouling out. I’ve never seen so many 3-in-the-key calls, lane violations on free throws, and ticky-tack hand check fouls called. At one point I quoted something I once heard my brother say, “I think the referees are being paid by the hour.” I tried to think of how to say this in French but only managed it in English and I think only Chloe heard me. But she laughed and a good chuckle is what counts, right?

Oh, I updated our Kind Living blog earlier today with a story I first considered for this blog, a true story from Monday morning.

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