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Day 280 (6 April 2011) – It’s 77 Degrees Outside!

I just checked online and that’s the Fahrenheit conversion. Here in France they refer to this as 25. Whatever you call it (heck, call it a rose for all I care, it would still feel as nice), it’s an incredible feeling. It reminds me of when we arrived last July, although it was even hotter then. But after months of chilly, 77 can feel like 90. Chloe just literally walked in and said, “It’s hot!” She’s brilliant when she wants to be.

I got out my shorts this morning and have been wearing them all day. While Melinda and I were out running errands, I asked her to take my picture in front of the fountain at La Place Royale (I had my picture taken in these shorts there on our first day in Nantes). Melinda was having none of that, though. I guess it’s one thing for me to subject the citizens of Nantes to my white legs. But it’s another thing entirely to put up a photo of them on the Internet. She thinks I need some new shorts, anyway, something more European than this plaid pair I bought at Fred Meyer two or three years ago.

Nonetheless, I did just take this picture of me (but I cropped out the shorts for marital bliss reasons). That’s our pool in the background, beckoning me but not yet ready for swimmers. See the beads of sweat on my forehead. I’m ready! The pool isn’t…

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