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Day 287 (13 April 2011) – Playing Around

It’s Ella’s half day at school today, being Wednesday and all. She put down her iPad long enough to join Dana & Melinda in the living room for an apĂ©ritif. She concocted her “mocktail,” something with grenadine. Apparently to Ella, just about any liquid tastes good if it’s mixed with enough grenadine. Shirley Temple would be proud. Perhaps Roy Rogers, too.

Anyway, I took her picture and then downloaded it, before applying a few “retouches” at a fun little website called I’ve spent the last couple of hours organizing my various digital photo archives. Ella walked in and saw a couple of her that I had played with at the “Be Funky” site. That inspired me to “be funky” with today’s picture. So here you go.

Chloe is out babysitting. Dana and Melinda are sipping Ricard. Ella is having a mocktail. And I’m playing with digital images. I think it’s time I stopped and joined the gang, or at least started on dinner. Not that we’re too hungry. Dana, Melinda and I had a delicious lunch in town this afternoon. My lunch? Steak tartare. At that point in the day I wasn’t playing around.

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