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Day 299 (25 April 2011) – Airplanes

I’m writing from the Sheraton Hotel inside the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, the airport being the site of today’s photo (taken less than an hour ago). From our hotel room window I’m watching planes take off and land (it IS an airport, after all).

Speaking of airplanes, airports, and being in a hotel in Paris, tomorrow morning we are flying to Nice (pronounced like the relationship any of my brothers’ daughters are to me, and Melinda’s sister’s daughter to me, too!), a city in southern France. We’ll be there until Friday, at which point we’ll be taking a train to Italy where we will spend the next week. It’s our last BIG trip of the sabbatical, and one that has been in the works since family members made out their “sabbatical wish lists.” Melinda and the girls all had Italy as a priority. Me, I’m pleased to be just about anywhere.

Today’s trip to the Paris airport is also serving as a bit of a dry-run for when we begin our trek back to Seattle in July. We rode the same train (TGV) from Nantes to Paris that we will ride then. I keep telling everyone to take a minute to imagine that it IS July and we are on our way home. Then all of sudden, I tell them, remind yourself that it’s April and we still have 3 more months in France (including a week in Italy, of course)!

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