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Day 305 (1 May 2011) – Monterosso

We spent the day today on the beach in Monterosso, about a 6 minute train ride from Vernazza through a tunnel bored through the mountains. The round trip is 3,60€ per person, fairly reasonable, especially once you see Monterosso. It’s absolutely incredible, the largest of the 5 towns that make up Cinque Terre. It’s also the most touristy, which is why we chose to stay elsewhere, but if you are ever looking for a place in Italy with an incredible sandy beach, this is the place for you.

Chloe got to the beach, put in her earbuds, turned on her music and announced that she was in heaven. We stayed in one place on the beach for two hours, left it to get our RDA of gelato, and then claimed another place. Today’s photo was taken less than an hour ago (we’re back in our Vernazza attic rooms at 5:25pm as I write, rinsing off in preparation for taking a glass of wine at the harbor) as we waited for our return train at the Monterosso train station.

Let me just say, a person could get used to this.

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