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Day 319 (15 May 2011) – Our Weekend in Bressuire

Plans have long been in the works for Melinda, Chloe, Ella and me to visit Bressuire, the town where Laurent & Frédérique grew up, met and got married, which is exactly what we did this weekend.

We started yesterday at the home of Joël Barron, Frédérique’s father. After providing us a relaxing apéritif, he showed us around town, highlighting places of significance in the Barron family history. These included the business he started and sold when he retired, and the home in which he and his wife Monique raised their three children. He then took us out for a DELICIOUS dinner at a restaurant attached to a farm. He ordered for us so we all had duck that was raised right there. Then this morning we rose at 8 (sans enfants) to be taken by Joël to a nearby village where the 5 of us (Laurent, Frédérique, Melinda, me AND Joël) went for an almost hour-long run.

Early this afternoon we arrived at the home of Michel & Nicole Boudeau, Laurent’s parents, where a veritable feast had been lovingly prepared by Nicole with help from Laurent’s sisters, Isabelle and Brigitte. It was a classic French meal, stretching out over multiple courses and several hours. Due to space issues here I’m not going to recount all that we ate (you’d be reading until next Friday). Let me just say that I am joyfully content tonight.

Today’s photo is of Nicole in her kitchen. I chose it as a tribute to uncanny resemblances (she reminds me so much of my maternal grandmother that I find myself doing double-takes when near her) and to memories, both those of the Boudeau & Barron families in Bressuire and those they generously created for my family this weekend.

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