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Day 341 (6 June 2011) – The Boudeau Pool

I mentioned at the end of Friday’s post that we were heading over to the Boudeau’s for our first foray in their brand new pool. That’s right, the Boudeaus have put a pool in their backyard!

It’s pretty spectacular, their pool. It’s got a deep end so Romain spent a lot of time showing off his diving prowess. And it was pretty funny watching Chloe try not to get her hair or face wet when she first got in. She made the mistake of showering and getting all cleaned up (after sunbathing most of the afternoon at our house) just before we left our house.

Frédérique described what we would be eating as a “light dinner.” Wow, I don’t know. For one, she’s an amazing cook so everything was delicious. And two, it just seems a 4 course meal can’t be considered “light.” What a meal…

I delayed posting about the pool party, hoping to get one of the Boudeaus photos. Laurent sent this one and several others to me late last night. We had gone back in the pool after the “light” dinner. You know, the one that took a couple of hours to complete. And since it’s still light here at 10pm, you can guess it was pretty late when this picture was taken.

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