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Day 351 (16 June 2011) – The Prodigal Daughter Returns

Perhaps that’s putting it a little strong but Chloe has been living it up in Paris the last couple of days with her friend Alex. And while I don’t have a fattened calf to provide her, I am fixing one of my favorite meals in France, duck, for dinner tonight. Since Chloe really doesn’t care for duck (Melinda, either), she’ll be having pasta, unfattened. And while we don’t have servants (I’m not counting Melinda, who’s doing the laundry right now), we have hired Christine’s son, Théo, to mow the lawn which he is doing right now. Nor does Ella seem to be expressing the belief that she is getting the short end of any stick. Heck, she likes duck.

I snapped this picture with my cell phone as Chloe climbed off the train in Nantes early this afternoon. You might not be able to tell, but she did see Melinda and me and was heading our way. She even “bisoused” each of us. Examining the photo closely, you may see the coffee cup in her hand, as well as an art print she purchased in Paris for either her room at home or in the dorm at college. On her back is her wonderful backpack, which made traveling easy for her.

Chloe reported that traveling with a friend is different than traveling with one’s parents. By different, I’m pretty sure she meant better. There may be more traveling in her future…

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