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Day 360 (25 June 2011) – S’mores!

We had a very spontaneous get-together last night with Christine’s & Bernard’s family. Eldest son Max was having a few friends over and in order to provide them some space, we invited the rest of the family over for an impromptu dinner. It all came together quickly and at the last minute, including Christine and Melinda making a dash to the grocery store to pick up cheeseburger fixin’s. We wheeled out the grill, which hadn’t been used since last summer, and, together, Melinda and Bernard got it working. I grilled the burgers, Christine whipped up a salad and Melinda put together drinks and munchies.

Of course the pool was in use, as was the basketball hoop in front. I helped Théo refine his jumpshot and an abbreviated game of H-O-R-S-E was played. Given the grill was out and Christine said her kids had not experienced s’mores before, Chloe and Ella took it upon themselves to remedy that family oversight. Today’s photo of s’mores consumption took me back to the Nebraskan summers of my youth so adding the Polaroid effect seemed appropriate.

Earlier in the day Christine had made a lemon cake which she kindly added to the dessert offerings. Like all of Christine’s baking, it was delicious. After dessert, some of the kids settled in to watching Harry Potter on DVD. The adults (including Chloe) watched a couple of episodes of that classic American TV show Freaks & Geeks.

Now that’s a fine Friday night.

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