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Day 361 (26 June 2011) – It’s Totally Hot (in Nantes)

Totally hot. And by that, I mean completely hot. Really hot. In Fahrenheit, it’s 95 degrees. That’s hot. I’m hot. Totally hot.

Given that everyone else in the family is totally hot, and given that we have a pool, today has been spent either in or next to said pool. It was too hot for me to go get the camera to take pictures. But if I had, I would have tried to persuade someone to take my picture inside the blow-up horse I was using as a floatation device. I think it was designed for someone younger (in fact, Chloe kept saying how much 3 year-old Luce would like it), but it was doing the job for me. Celeste and Claire came over for a swim and with Chloe’s help they located a few more pool toys. There was the horse and a floating basketball hoop that prompted a game of P-I-G. Every game in the pool was welcome.

What you are getting for a photo is one I took yesterday as I conducted the weekly pool water test. We need to make sure the pH and chlorine levels are where they should be. To do the test I take small amounts of water from the filtration system located in the laundry room in the basement (that’s it in the background). I add a few drops of solution in each side, the one on the left, the red one, is pH, and the yellow one is chlorine. All looks good, which is a good thing considering the use of the pool today.

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  1. I’m empathizing with you. I wish there would be a swimming pool for me to get into when we are watching Olivia’s softball games next week. It has been in the 90’s in Denver.

    I’m glad you can keep cool and I hope it will be cooler soon. The games sound perfect – fun to take your mind off the heat and cool since they are pool games!

    Comment by granny | June 27, 2011 | Reply

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