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Day 363 (28 June 2011) – Monsieur Bregéon

This is another one of those posts that has oodles of personal meaning for our family but may not make a heck of a lot of sense to others. You see, standing with Ella in this picture, taken last Friday on her last day of school, is Monsieur Bregéon. M. Bregéon is the head teacher of Ella’s age group at Le Loquidy, the school she attended. He also was Ella’s history teacher. He is also the man who showed us around campus last July on our second full day in France.

We were all quite taken by M. Bregéon, me especially. For one, he is a class act. He is both kind and no-nonsense. He is funny and smart. In short, he has a combination of character traits that I think make for not just a good teacher, but for a good human being. I insisted Ella get his picture and was thrilled when she came home with this one.

A couple more things to note. First, every time we saw him he was wearing a very nice pair of jeans. I mean really nice. High-quality denim with orange thread stitching. I bought myself a pair last fall and took to calling them my “Bregéons,” a name that caught on with others, especially Christine and Frédérique, as well as Chloe, Ella and Melinda. I want to market them in the US under that name.

Also of significance was seeing him at the hockey game each time I went. He was sitting high above the ice in a spot reserved for officials of some kind, as far as I could tell. I decided he was keeping statistics.

To sum up: M. Bregéon is a classy teacher who likes hockey and has inspired me to wear nice jeans. Now do you feel caught up?

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