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The Baker, Revisited (Day 365 + 12)

July 12, 2011

The BakeryA year ago today I posted a “Dear Jane” letter to Melinda, having fallen for the lovely young woman who was working last summer at a bakery near the apartment at which we were staying when we first arrived. It’s been a year since I’ve seen her (the baker woman, not Melinda). I decided that I’d go back today to see if she’s returned.

In two words, “no luck.”

In fact, when I asked the young woman working the counter today if I could take a picture (I envisioned using a shot similar to last year’s), she retreated to the back and returned with who I assume is the owner. She explained (in French) that she doesn’t allow pictures to be taken inside the bakery. In fact, she all but demanded to see the photos I’d taken of the exterior. Apparently, she saw me taking them from across the street (and, yes, that’s the tram, Line 2, on the right of the image).

As you might imagine, no one told me that the pain au chocolat I bought today might burn my tongue.

Still, I “liked” the bakery on Facebook and get this. They have a WordPress blog, too…
Day 12 (12 July 2010) – The Baker

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