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Vote for Your Favorite (Day 365 + 28)

July 28, 2011

ACME Pyramid(Note, I created this post in advance and scheduled it to be delivered at 6pm in Nantes, 9am in Seattle. If we are on schedule, we just landed in Reykjavík and will be taking off for Seattle in an hour, a nearly 8 hour flight still in front of us.)

In honor of our return to Seattle today, I thought I’d try something new. I’ve picked four of my favorite posts over the last year and want to encourage you, my beloved blog readers (I’m not saying which is beloved, the blog or the readers) to vote on YOUR favorite from these four: Day 12, Day 121, Day 192, Day 307 (click on the “day” to see each candidate, but vote on one below).

Great photo here, don’t you think? It caps the trilogy of photos and posts from the last three days intended to salute the French families we feel have become part of ours.

Speaking of favorite blog posts, I just don’t seem to get tired reviewing the one from this day last year (or at least looking at the picture)…
Day 28 (28 July 2010) – Cheese For Dessert

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