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My family's year in France…

Day 202 (18 January 2011) – Hints of Spring

I know it’s only mid-January and I could get in big trouble with the Weather Gods for bringing this up on a public forum like this, but we’ve had a string of some pretty nice days in Nantes. When Ella and I have left for school in the morning this week it’s still dark, but it hasn’t been nearly as cold. I’ve worn my jacket over a sweater instead of my winter coat and even have had to shed the jacket on the walk home. The air has a hint of the warmer weather to come, too.

I just returned from a quick walk to the grocery store and bakery and got to glimpse this lovely sunset, which I’m taking as spring further tipping its hand in my direction. I took this picture from our front steps while looking out across the street. Inside I could see Melinda busy working away on a scarf she is knitting. I tried for a photo of her with the setting sun reflected in the glass door but it didn’t really work. So you get this one that did.

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