French Sabbatical

My family's year in France…

Day 206 (22 January 2011) – Saturday in France

This has been one of those classic Saturdays, the kind I treasure from my youth. Nothing significant was scheduled or planned, meaning the day began with no requirement to get up at a certain time. I still got up just after 8, but not having to be anywhere or go any place or do anything made it feel so relaxing. As the day unfolded, Melinda and I went for a 35 minute walk that included one circuit around the trotter track at the Hippodrome in the early afternoon sun. I rode the tram to and from Commerce with Chloe, going with her to look at English textbooks in a couple of bookstores. She starts an English tutoring session on Tuesday evening with a 10 year-old and asked for my help in reviewing some books. Given her student is a hockey player, I suggested she play some street hockey with him and have the conversation be all in English, but she’s leaning to do something more formal. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and picked up fixin’s for homemade cheeseburgers for Chloe and Ella tonight (Melinda and I are heading to Bernard’s & Christine’s for dinner). Since getting home, Melinda and I have been listening to various episodes of the Piano Jazz podcast. I’ve been organizing my iTunes Library, too.

Other items of note today: Ella spent the afternoon ice skating with a couple of friends. They had to exit the ice because there is a hockey game tonight. I asked her if she got to see any of the players but she said no. Also, after months of having trouble with our cable TV reception, yesterday we got a new converter box. Chloe and I spent a little time today examining the dozens of channels we now receive. Among them is MTV, which Chloe was enjoying late this afternoon. I took this picture of the TV while Chloe was watching a program called “Made.” It’s overdubbed in French and Chloe was quite pleased to not only see a program she likes, but to understand the French.

That’s been about it. A Saturday in France.

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