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Day 334 (30 May 2011) – Droplets From the Sky?

Maybe you folks back in Seattle can help us with this.

We awoke this morning quite concerned. The sky above was a different color than the blue to which we’ve become accustomed. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it was kind of a non-color with shades of grey. Some spots were lighter than others.

Then, more frightening, as Melinda and I were walking Ella to the tram, these odd droplets starting falling from the sky. There weren’t too many but still, when they landed on us, they left little spots of wetness, kind of like when we’re lounging next to the pool while kids are playing in it and we get splashed. But we understand where those drops of water are coming from. These droplets this morning, it’s like they were coming out of nowhere.

Most frightening, as Melinda and I were walking home from Ella’s school, stopping as we do each Monday at the Hippodrome in order to jog, these “splashes from the sky” started to increase in scope. Concerned, we hurried home to do some Internet research, huddling together by the computer. As the morning progressed and we looked outside, the ground was completely wet. Today’s photo is of the wetness on our mailbox. So strange.

So far, our theory is that this is part of the Royal de Luxe show. We think the city is honoring the sadness that has fallen over the region with the show’s conclusion by having tears fall from the sky. It’s like the giants are crying.

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  1. Ah, your cheeks should be wet by now too… it was an event to marvel at even if just from the armchair. Thanks for the detailed posts of the four days of awe-inspiring events. Wish I could have seen the puppets and watched the children reacting.

    Comment by Linda Taylor | May 31, 2011 | Reply

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